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Protect and Defend

DGS identifies, responds to, and defends against dynamic, complex, multi-vector, multi-threaded attacks aimed at each layer and access point of our clients’ environments.


red team

  • Employ simulated adversarial threat-based approaches to expose and exploit CND vulnerabilities
  • Identify weaknesses to improve the security posture and operational procedures used to protect Information Systems & Computer Networks
  • Perform penetration testing missions for customer security requirements to test and validate the effectiveness of customers’ IT security posture

Blue team

  • Conduct technical and non-technical Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) assessment missions
  • Perform various automated and manual testing, examination, scanning, interviewing, and discovery techniques to identify, validate, and assess vulnerabilities

cyber hunt

  • Digest open source and classified intelligence sources for inclusion in the development and enhancement of an organization’s security profile
  • Evaluate new and emerging technologies, integrate these technologies into the current security profile, and parse intelligence products for operational application
  • Manage attack sense and warning indicators, and provide continual training of analytical staff


  • Capture system images and perform reverse engineering activities
  • Proactively and reactively provide malware analysis capabilities to increase the effectiveness of response, detection, and protection


Tools of the Trade

  • Firewalls, both network and host based
  • Network and Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
  • Vulnerability scanning engines and applications
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Web Content Filters
  • Access Control Systems
  • Log collection and correlation tools (ArcSight, Splunk)
  • Network packet capture and analysis

Proven Best Practices

  • Incident Response
  • Security Operations
  • Security Operations Management
  • Incident Handling and Response
  • Forensic Analysis (e.g. Reverse Engineering Malware, Anomalous Traffic Analysis)
  • Security Engineering
  • Insider Threat Analysis
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Vulnerability Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)