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Arthur Employees Commended for Accomplishments

Cynthia Dalton was part of the team, PJ Detachment 8 that won Large Detachment of the Year for the 2014 AFOSI PJ Command Annual Awards.

Chris Johnston was recognized as a “key member of the Science & Technology Branch. His ingenuity and passion for mission success was the driving force behind the Directorate’s successful week-long S&T Working Group (WG).” Chris’s participation, drive, and “his innate ability towards teamwork and steadfast guidance during discussions allowed the WG to decompose the strategic problem, identify solutions, and ultimately establish multiple courses of action.”

Zach Richards was among a group that was appreciated for their key support in “quick-turning two very important approvals recently,” one of which “is an increasingly important aspect of training our warfighters, so both ensuring its security posture and maintaining its operations is key to training aircrews.” These trainings “will also be significant as the first combined participation is a live, virtual, constructive training exercise.”

Emily Knepp