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Arthur Employees Recognized for Performance

Kim Cunningham was recently complimented regarding her work performance. In order to meet an upcoming deadline, Kim “dropped what she was doing” in order to assist. She made such an impact all “because she was willing to put in the extra effort to come over and review the document,” and it was greatly appreciated by all involved.

Cynthia Dalton has already made a great impression in the few months she has been with DGS. She was recently acknowledged for her professionalism and work ethic, noting she is “a terrific fit for the culture of our specific office and strives to get things done.”

Keith Harra was recently accredited for his dedication to the completion of a project. It was noted that “Keith took a project that had been worked on by many people in this office over the course of the last two and a half years and done what none of them were able to do – complete it!”

Gail Maijala recently received Program Security Officer of the Quarter on the Arthur contract! She was described as an “individual representing some of the finest this contract has to offer.”

A big thank you to these employees who go beyond the call of duty every day!

Emily Knepp