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DGS Employees Commended for Accomplishments

Before Bob Lange started with the SEC, it was described there was “no one with Bob’s expertise on the contract and since his hire, he has made their operations smoother and helped stabilize their environment.” It was also noted that Bob “sets the watermark for diligence and ability.”

Steve Mowery received a note of appreciation thanking him for his “significant role” on a recent project. It was noted that “with Steve’s help, we were able to resolve an issue,” which helps “strengthen the relationship with the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) and this will certainly be remembered by USSS.” Steve’s efforts are strategic for DGS as well due to our interest and efforts in getting a foot in the door at USSS to provide cybersecurity and intelligence services.

Regina Vayda was recognized for her outstanding performance on the Merlin contract. Her “exceptional professionalism and job knowledge earned her “Exceptional Performer” recognition during a compliance inspection in December 2013.” It was noted that “her attention to detail, can-do attitude, and job knowledge resulted in zero deficiencies” during the inspection, which is “truly appreciated and valued.”

Kyle Wukawitz was acknowledged for being “a brilliant, spot on, hard worker who accomplished more in a month and a half than previous employees did in a longer span of time.”

Emily Knepp