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DGS Employees Recognized for Performance

During a recent all-hands meeting, Alan Handler was “acknowledged for his excellent work and provided kudos for creating and delivering a product that will provide significant levels of information to his client’s IT service providers.”

Flint Sorlie was recognized for “a phenomenal job in helping to get some outdated systems accredited that, left unchecked, would have been a real detriment to operations. When nobody else was willing to step up, Flint went the extra mile and truly demonstrated his willingness to be a team player.”

Regina Vayda was recognized for her contributions to her program’s mission. “Her leadership, drive, expertise, professionalism, and team spirit were essential to putting in place all of the secure infrastructure, people and processes required to get the program to the point where a first track could be achieved on a live target.” She was thanked for her “exemplary and personal dedication to the mission” noting she is an “invaluable member of the program team.”

Emily Knepp