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DGS Employees Recognized for Performance

Jason Miller was recently appreciated for his “hard work, discipline, and diligence” in remediating an issue that was critical to his customer and the organization.

Michael Mobley was selected to instruct a portion of the Technical Operations Support Officer Course for a greater audience over a three day period. His valued support and contributions will lead to the direct positive outcome of technical officers operations worldwide. He was the only contractor selected to support the training evolution and is the only one to date allowed to be esteemed with such an honor in support of his client for the National Security Division. Mike’s exemplary leadership and skills has broken new ground and enabled DGS to potentially have a greater presence and outreach support through volunteering to support such an endeavor. We thank Mike and are creating/gaining new insights to business development approaches that are beginning to formulate and should prove beneficial to DGS and the client in the future.

In January, Ken Reuwer traveled to San Diego, CA to support his client’s regional counterintelligence training conference. Specifically, over the course of several days, he provided full spectrum training to the region’s counterintelligence special agents. The training was well received, and he has been asked to conduct similar training at upcoming regional conferences in Dallas, TX, Boston, MA, and the National Capital Region over the next quarter.

A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Richard Sabillon for his “outstanding contribution on the successful rollout” of a secure program for the client “ahead of schedule.”

Emily Knepp