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Mission Assurance

Sustainable and Repeatable

DGS assesses risks and implements cost effective, timely, and appropriate countermeasures in support of our clients’ mission success. Our comprehensive approach accounts for people, processes, technology and enforcement. Risk levels are assigned based on identified threats and vulnerabilities. Risks are prioritized in accordance with mission, objectives, and a cost/benefit analysis of mitigating the risks. Our services incorporate sustainable and repeatable security measures.


access control

  • Maximize existing client access control systems and monitoring measures.
  • Perform physical access control implementation (e.g. Site Survey, CCTV installation, Video Surveillance).
  • Incorporate tool-suites of integrated technologies (e.g. biometrics, magstripes, two-factor authentication).

insider threat

  • Conduct awareness and incident training
  • Develop threat mitigation strategies.
  • Monitor business policies and procedures, organizational culture, and technical environment.

risk management framework

  • Manage transition from DIACAP to RMF
  • Involved in all 6 steps of the RMF process – from categorizing the system, to monitoring security controls.

continuous monitoring

  • On-going monitoring of systems for vulnerabilities, configuration errors, anomalous events
  • Industry standard tools coupled with cyber-analytics to determine greatest organizational risk
  • Coordinate and develop CM training